Hyped On Seinfeld

Seinfeld is the greatest show of all time. During childhood I used to watch new episodes at home, and I remember how pissed everyone was when it was ending in ’98. I am gradually purchasing every season of the NBC sitcom one at a time, and am currently on the 5th of 9 seasons. I watch every episode in perfect quality about 3 times and all the behind-the-scenes stuff and bonus features with dinner on occasion. The writing makes this show so unique and unlike any other. I have recently begun to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring Seinfeld writer Larry David, which is basically Seinfeld with new characters. It’s so sick how it was filmed in 35mm, and restored for the DVD perfectly. Every episode is like short films in itself, and they were the first to write a story where each member has their own problem throughout the show, and they’re brought together at the end. I was hyped on the Reunion show in 2009 that occurred on Curb Your Enthusiasm where throughout the season he was determined to reunite the cast for a show, but secretly with the incentive to get back his ex-girlfriend. Its insane that after 12 years of being off the air, they are still airing reruns of the show every night on Fox. I see ads for the shit in subway trains and even coffee cups, which the cast is banking off of hard as fuck. I have no idea why Jerry would turn down $5 million per episode to continue into a 10th season, but this god damn show is timeless and no one compares.

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Hyped On YouTube

I have been a member of YouTube since it was first invented, when Dannay Zay told me about it after he made an account back in 2005. I saw he embedded a video he uploaded of a line he did at skate night, & it said YouTube on the bottom right corner. I was like “wait what the fuck is YouTube? Thats a stupid name.” Little did I know it would eventually become the largest, highest quality video sharing website on earth. I made an account, and uploaded the random montages that I’d make to send to friends online. Once our fan base grew, I realized it was a sick way to gain exposure for our videos. I began to create videos especially for YouTube, & over the span of 5 years I have built a website, created 180+ videos, gained 2,160+ subscribers, & now I have finally become a full YouTube partner! I was so fucking hyped when I got that acceptance e-mail. This is more motivation to keep doing what I do. All the hard work is paying off & I’m so hyped!

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Hyped On The Starby’s Gold Card

This is the Starby’s gold card. No one has this. I have had an average Starby’s card since January, and every time I have bought a coffee or any other overpriced item from there, I get a star. Once I got over 30 stars, they sent me this exclusive golden card in the mail with my fuckin name on it. Every time I swipe this shit the employees think I’m the owner or something. It’s sick because I get free refills, syrups, wi-fi, free coffee on my birthday, free coffee every 15 stars, coupons and shit. I basically just kill them!

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Hyped on Super 8 Footage

Super 8 Camera

Super 8 is the motion picture film format released in 1965 to improve the quality of 8mm film. This is my Canon Auto Zoom 814 Super 8 camera I bought on Bedford Ave, Brooklyn for $50 (after some negotiating) from some Mexican guys. Made famous in skateboarding by Alien Workshop films such as Mind Field and Photosynthesis. Though it may kill your wallet, at $20 per 50ft cartridge and $30 to process and convert to DV tape, it’s well worth it. I only bring it out on occasions and use only a few feet wherever I go to conserve film and get the most out of it. You can film anything and it will look amazing, like you just stepped into a time portal back to the 70’s. I have about 6 cartridges containing footage from 2007-2010 of converted Super 8 footage that will be integrated throughout Killa 2 (our next full-length video); in addition to all the 16mm, VX, & HD footage. When I finally get that DV tape back from Pac Lab and I get to watch all the random footage from the past year or two compiled into 4 minutes, I’m so hyped!

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Hyped on Arrys


Arrys are fucking bangin. I have been hyped on Arrys since childhood where I coined the phrase “Arry” when referring to an Arizona can. The classic original Arry is the favorite but occasionally I’ll grab a god damn Green Dea, a Watermelly, or even a crisp Giwi Ztrawberry. I don’t really fuck with the other flavors. Shit is perfect when you just skated your ass off an your not tryna break another dollar for some quick flavorful refreshment. I’ve made skits about them, product placed them in tons of my videos, and even won an Arizona hoody for a photo contest on the their Facebook fan page. Other companies like Lipton try real hard to bite Arizona’s style but nothing compares to the original…all I gotta say is Arry’s are fucking bangin and I hope they never raise their price above $.99 because they’ll lose a valuable customer. Nothing like entering a Bodega, walking directly to the Arry section, choosing a frosty-ass can and cracking that shit open…so hyped!

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Hyped on Sevey Elevey


I’m so hyped they just built a Seven Eleven, (AKA “Sevey” & “7y”) on the corner of Manhattan Ave & Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn. The manager told me all the bodega’s are so pissed off now that they’re throwing their garbage in the street at night and calling the fire dept. and cops claiming false alarms. I’d be pissed too if the best convenience store on earth moved next to my shitty, rat-infested, taj mahal-looking bodega. I was kind of deprived from 7y once I moved to NY but now I’m hyped I can cop a $1 french vanilly coffee, a crisp Arry, and a fresh turkey & swiss sandwich every day again. It’s the best spot to meet up, grab a goffee, have a convo, and yanno…get hyped!

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Hyped on Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is one of the main attractions to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a cool ass place to chill & devour your bangin’ falafel from Oasis, drink your $.50 coffee from Dubai, stretch out and graze in the open savanna, or even watch a Grizzly Bear concert or two. If I notice there are some good thick luscious cumulonimbus clouds that are moving visibly to the eye like there were today, I’ll film a few time lapses from here of ’em soaring over the perfect NYC skyline. I reside fairly close so I ride here every day & get yanno…hyped!

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Hyped On The Beasts In Harlem

Went uptown today to walk down Martin Luther King Blvd to check out all the classics like the Apollo Theater, memorials of fallen icons and of course the entertainment of the typical Harlem crackheads. I captured a crackhead crossing the street rocking his “I Am A Beast” t-shirt, and while attempting to film an old man dancing to 70’s soul music, I was confronted by the man next to him who asked if I got him on film…in case I expose his face to those with a warrant out for his arrest. Little does he know, heh… I was hyped.

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Hyped on Russians Walking Tightropes at Midnight

I’m walking through McCarren park tonight to a group of Russian dudes walking a tightrope tied between two trees, so I captured them. One of them ate shit. I was hyped.

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Hyped On Brooklyn

Jonney E Chillin On The Roof
I’m hyped to wake up in Brooklyn, New York every morning. Grab my board, skate down the block, run errands, grab a coffee, get hyped, get work done…it kills!

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