Hyped in the Morning

I have recently changed my sleep schedule, and for about 2 months now as an experiment, I’ve been going to sleep early and waking up early – but still getting exactly 7-9 hours of sleep and using the Sleep Cycle app to monitor it. I’ll be up at 7, shower, make/eat breakfast while updating HeavyHittas, go for a morning run from 7:30-8, or just a long walk to the “No Name Deli” to pick up a perfect $.75 large coffee. Sometimes I’ll bring my camera and shoot some photos, like the one above, or shoot video, like the new Spring in Brooklyn montage I put out. I’ve noticed that my mind is always consistent sticking with this routine. I feel completely different during the day as apposed to when I would stay up til 3 to 5 AM, or even pull all-nighters working on shit. I’m hyped on this new lifestyle and will continue it for as long as possible.

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