Hyped on Christmas

Classic Christmas Morning Photograph

To some, the true meaning of Christmas is far removed from what it used to be; like the kooks who instantly tear an iPad out of its’ package without considering giving anything thoughtful in return – and how the holiday is a clear money-making scheme for retailers (Christmas music/selling decorations the day after Thanksgiving). But it’s nice to see family, friends and even strangers come together and celebrate the holiday traditionally. Today I witnessed a man hand a bum some cash who wasn’t even asking for it… He was hyped. I smiled as I walked into Starbucks, where the cashier handed me a huge box of coffee cakes and cookies for no reason. Christmas holds a lot of memories as well; like waking up to my first (Toys ‘R Us) skateboard under the tree. There are some enjoyable Christmas songs, and of course those classic Christmas films like It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, etc. I still leave cookies, milk and a note to Santa (written like an infant) by the fireplace every Christmas Eve…

This is why since 2006, we have been creating Christmas-themed montages featuring typically everyone in our crew called “A Killa Cam Christmas.” They are kind of like a way of showing my appreciation for the holiday, my friends and our many followers. Check out the last four: “Ballin on Xmas” 2006, “Christmas Rapping” 2007, then I started to get more serious with the popular “Silent Night” 2008, and “Santa Baby” 2009 Montages. Dannay Zay even showed his appreciation for the holiday, singing his heart out in “The 12 Zays of Christmas.” Despite the frozen New York City iceberg I live in, it is cool to check out the festivities at least once during this time. Last week I went to Rockefeller center, shot a bunch of scenic clips and time lapses to mix with recent winter skate footage – creating the all new (and first HD) “Killa Cam Christmas 2010” montage.

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