Hyped On Skating With The Homies

I’m hyped that a lot of my closest friends are hyped on skateboarding again. Though I have recently made some drastic changes in my life growing up, I have always found time to skate, using my move to the city to my advantage by skating more and different things. After high school, I have realized some of my friends have either skated less, or quit altogether for reasons like injuries, work, college, partying…or all of those. I felt the only thing that kind of kept my friends skating together was Killa Two, the full-length video we have been working on since 2007. But this past and current year, my closest friends have been really hyped on skating. Cody Benesta, Andrew Kennelly, Jon Wagner, Sebastian Pedrick and I all live in the city. Dan Zambrano is only a path ride away in Hoboken, Dylan Hoffman will be here soon, and so many others have made day trips up to skate like Joe Brown Phil Clark, and Brian Tober to name a few. There have been a lot of recent times we all skated together like the old days, but better! I’m so hyped on this upcoming fall 2010-2011 year, a lot will go down and Killa Two will soon be finished!

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