Hyped On Night Footage

I have just purchased a Sony light at B&H, now enabling me to get perfect night footage/photos. Throughout my skateboard filming career, I never owned a camera light, I would just borrow them from friends for the night. The first time I have used one must have been in the Sayreville Flats & Park 2/12/06 montage, and the most recent times I’ve used one was in the the Silent Night montage, and in Phil Clark’s Nollieflips trick tip in Brooklyn. The same night I made this purchase, Cody Benesta and I filmed 2 lines under the BQE bridge at night in the rain. I have the most fun during night sesh’s, and as you may have seen in classics like the Slave montage, the Murder In My Dreams montage, or the Foodtown 10/24/08 Montage, I was filming without a light, which looks alright just using the natural street lights. Now that I own a light I don’t have to rely on street lights. About the kill like the midnight marauders. So hyped.

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