Hyped On Seinfeld

Seinfeld is the greatest show of all time. During childhood I used to watch new episodes at home, and I remember how pissed everyone was when it was ending in ’98. I am gradually purchasing every season of the NBC sitcom one at a time, and am currently on the 5th of 9 seasons. I watch every episode in perfect quality about 3 times and all the behind-the-scenes stuff and bonus features with dinner on occasion. The writing makes this show so unique and unlike any other. I have recently begun to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring Seinfeld writer Larry David, which is basically Seinfeld with new characters. It’s so sick how it was filmed in 35mm, and restored for the DVD perfectly. Every episode is like short films in itself, and they were the first to write a story where each member has their own problem throughout the show, and they’re brought together at the end. I was hyped on the Reunion show in 2009 that occurred on Curb Your Enthusiasm where throughout the season he was determined to reunite the cast for a show, but secretly with the incentive to get back his ex-girlfriend. Its insane that after 12 years of being off the air, they are still airing reruns of the show every night on Fox. I see ads for the shit in subway trains and even coffee cups, which the cast is banking off of hard as fuck. I have no idea why Jerry would turn down $5 million per episode to continue into a 10th season, but this god damn show is timeless and no one compares.

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