Hyped On YouTube

I have been a member of YouTube since it was first invented, when Dannay Zay told me about it after he made an account back in 2005. I saw he embedded a video he uploaded of a line he did at skate night, & it said YouTube on the bottom right corner. I was like “wait what the fuck is YouTube? Thats a stupid name.” Little did I know it would eventually become the largest, highest quality video sharing website on earth. I made an account, and uploaded the random montages that I’d make to send to friends online. Once our fan base grew, I realized it was a sick way to gain exposure for our videos. I began to create videos especially for YouTube, & over the span of 5 years I have built a website, created 180+ videos, gained 2,160+ subscribers, & now I have finally become a full YouTube partner! I was so fucking hyped when I got that acceptance e-mail. This is more motivation to keep doing what I do. All the hard work is paying off & I’m so hyped!

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