Hyped on Arrys


Arrys are fucking bangin. I have been hyped on Arrys since childhood where I coined the phrase “Arry” when referring to an Arizona can. The classic original Arry is the favorite but occasionally I’ll grab a god damn Green Dea, a Watermelly, or even a crisp Giwi Ztrawberry. I don’t really fuck with the other flavors. Shit is perfect when you just skated your ass off an your not tryna break another dollar for some quick flavorful refreshment. I’ve made skits about them, product placed them in tons of my videos, and even won an Arizona hoody for a photo contest on the their Facebook fan page. Other companies like Lipton try real hard to bite Arizona’s style but nothing compares to the original…all I gotta say is Arry’s are fucking bangin and I hope they never raise their price above $.99 because they’ll lose a valuable customer. Nothing like entering a Bodega, walking directly to the Arry section, choosing a frosty-ass can and cracking that shit open…so hyped!

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