Hyped On Starbys

Ever since ’06, I have been hyped on coffee. It’s the one substance that I use on the daily basis that motivates me to create & think on a whole other level. I’ve convinced several of my friends to begin drinking coffee as well throughout the years. Sure deli coffee’s are cheap, but they aren’t as strong as Starbs or give you a boost that lasts as long…although 7-11 is pretty fuckin bangin.. and there’s a $.50 cent coffee shop down the block. I thank this coffee company for giving me the liquid motivation to create the majority of the videos you have seen. It enables me to edit hours of random footage that would overwhelm any normal person, and create a giant nuclear bomb out of it all. I walk in, buy a small cup of vanilla coffee, and within minutes of sitting down my brain performs a lobotomy on itself and I have to leave because there is something I realized I need to create. If you don’t like Starbys, you obviously aren’t tryna get HYPED!

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